Our Story Productions offers 6 services in the categories below:


Everybody has a story and the reason I started Our Story Productions is to provide a documentary service for anyone who wants to capture their unique story for their own use, historical record, and legacy.

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In collaboration with Asia Media Lab, we create videos to spotlight the mission and success of non-profit organizations to help increase fundraising, awareness and advocacy.

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We help inform clients and users about the history, social/civic responsibility, and products or services that make your business unique. Useful multimedia formats are available for commercials, educational information, presentations, trade shows, sales, publicity and social networking efforts.

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You don’t need a big budget to make a good commercial. Are you interested in exploring your creative side and explore a different way of selling your product and/or spread information? We can work within your budget to produce a commercial that will get your message across powerfully and aesthetically. [note: placement and distribution is the sole responsibility of the client]

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Is your organization looking for a way to spread information and “how-to” more effectively? We can help you break it down in a video narrative that will lessen your workload and spread the knowledge more efficiently.

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With experience as a TV producer for over 10 years, I’ve covered a wide range of topics; not just stories of American life… but human stories of hardships, success, and one’s significance in this world. I always strive to do the story justice. Whether it’s a 1-minute piece or 1 hour documentary… it’s important for me that people be able to save their stories for future generations; because the goal is not to live forever, but to create something that will.

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